Benevolent Powers

The benevolent powers of Mistwatch are an organized force consisting of EL, a being considered by most to be the only true god, and his host of angels. Emphasizing their united front, these beings have names ending in the suffix “iel,” which roughly translates to “of EL” or more literally “of I.” Among his celestial agents, a select few are delegated a domain along with all the powers and duties that come with it. Together, they present a singular set of teachings for mortals to live by. These teachings are written all their religious texts and are often accompanied by a symbol.

Knowledge.png Make well of life and become what you will, but temper your ambition in humility, for in hubris is disaster.
Life.png Create and provide for your children and theirs, but temper your frivolity in respect, for in heedlessness is ruin.
Tempest.png Take of the world what you need, but temper your desire in reservation, for in greed is destruction.
Nature.png Love those around you and find joy in one another, but temper your attachment in acceptance, for in passion is madness.

Each angel that receives a domain also embodies one of these four teachings as well, though there are possibly many many more domains than there are teachings. To take on a domain is an enormous responsibility, but religious texts state the truth in these teachings is so dense that if an angelic mind meditates on the full meaning of just one, then it will have all the wisdom required to handle it with care. These symbols form the base of each angel’s holy symbol, but only the base. Different churches and even individual clerics may have different final symbols for each angel. The process begins either by meditating on the symbol until an object of significance can be seen in its form, or by directly incorporating the symbol into some larger decorative work. This resulting design is crafted into a holy symbol, and in the case of churches, they are given to their followers.

However, besides the teachings assigned to angels, there is also one more teaching that EL reserves for himself.

EL.png I am the way. To be deceived or to walk alone is all that otherwise remains.

It is an startling teaching to say the least, but it is also complex and the subject of debate to this day. Some religious scholars emphasize its ominous tone and interpret it to mean quite literally that EL demands fealty from mortals. Others interpret the ambiguous nature of what it means to “walk alone” as a warning of the weight of responsibility taken on by those that carve their own path. Most can at least agree that a warning against worshiping other, less benevolent powers is intended.

Benevolent Powers

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