Eldritch powers represent a unique path to strength that some cannot turn away from, but most are not so foolhardy as to actually worship these entities, regardless of the benefits. The path of a warlock typically begins with the study of these beings, typically though ancient texts or dangerous divination magic, and culminates in the forging of a pact.

Not all warlocks begin their work with the intention of forging a pact, but the greatest forces of the world are aware when consistent focus is paid to them, or even when their names are uttered. No powers comes freely, and every would-be warlock comes to a crossroads where they must either turn back forever or make a deal. The intent of such bargains is to keep these eldritch powers at an arms length, as opposed to directly inviting their intervention into their lives, and offers some semblance of security for the pact holder. However, most would argue that if any security is felt on the part of the pact holder, then they are already lost.

The following eldritch powers are available to warlocks in Mistwatch:

Everdusk Horror

A warlock who studies a powerful being that dwells within the Everdusk is afforded the powers labeled by the archfey patron in the Player’s Handbook.

Fallen One

A warlock who studies a powerful fallen angel is afforded the powers labeled by the fiend patron in the Player’s Handbook

Great Old One

A warlock who studies a powerful entity from beyond the stars is afforded the powers labeled by the great old one patron in the Player’s Handbook.

When it comes to the everyday life of a warlock in Mistwatch, it is beneficial that most people cannot tell them apart from wizards. In fact, many would think that wizards and warlocks are just two different words that mean the same thing, and the casual suspicion of the wizard profession is greatly preferable to the reaction a warlock would garner from a learned passersby. If a warlock openly expressed the peculiarities of his chosen field of study, it would likely result in a rapidly growing fear in all the people around him. He would invite blame upon himself for all the unfortunate happenings nearby his home, whether it be by his own hand or merely the dark forces that surround him. If a warlock is loosed lipped about the actual pact he holds, the people may even demand his head be put on a pike.


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